BTO August 2016

From the price binning below, you get to compare and the insight into how HDB priced their unit, higher price normally higher floor but not all higher floor priced the same, some unit are priced higher due better layout, better views, no west sun, windy, unblocked, facing park, near lift (but not too near to hear noise), low household-lift ratio (less people to fight for lift), corner for privacy, not facing chute and etc.

Remember bad queue number doesn't always equate to bad unit. 
Have faith and choose wisely.

Every color code is 10K bin, you may choose based on your budget if you like.
Happy selecting   :) 

So who wants to keep track of unit selection?
Leave your comment below.


Alvin Ng said...

Hi. How do i keep track?

Amanda said...

Hi,thanks for helping us keep track of the available flats! Would greatly appreciate if the tracking will still go on for the Greenverge/Greenview!

Anonymous said...

For East Delta!!!! Appreciated!!

Tamages said...

Greenverge/Greenview/EastDelta updated.

I thought no one interested.
So i just stop keeping track.

Amanda said...

Thank you for continuing the tracking! :)

Tamages said...

see here for GreenVerge/GreenView/EastDelta Update.

Jamie said...

Thanks so much for the effort, appreciate much :)

Amanda said...

Hi! My selection for 5 room unit is on 1st march, if u are free can u kindly help to track the units available?

Greatly appreciated!


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