Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iRobot Roomba 555

After much consideration and much good feedback from fellow colleagues, finally I get myself a Roomba, the model 555 which is local model number that similar to 560 except the accessories in the box. This 555 does not have extra filter and comes with only 1 virtual wall unit.

Got this from an eBayer whose got lucky by winning it at a luckydraw, he is selling for $500 while the retail at $898.
Happy I got this model and its a hardworking machine which you can schedule it to vacuum your house when your are not at home so that when you get home, your floor is sparkling (almost) clean .

Its so smart that its even return to its homebase for recharge when finish vacuuming

Just let it run for the first time after > 16hours of charging and Voila!!! the floor is as clean as after mopping...

Edit: Warranty covered till: Oct 14, 2012

Monday, November 7, 2011

Michelin XM2

Well, just change my 2 years + Bridgestone AR10 after close to 50KM mileage.
I have to say I got a really good deal for RM225/pc XM2 after trade-in my old tyres.
Package incl. balancing, alignment, new valve and free 1st 10km tyre rotation.

My first impression is they are quiet but not fantastic (the car sound proofing plays a part too.), more responsive during cornering, better control too. Maybe due harder side wall construction.

Have not try the wet performance, think with that big & wide tyre grooves, the performance must be good, hope so...because Michelin has one of the best tyre compound in the industry.

Date: 5 Nov 2011
Car Mileage: 114200km
Size: 195/60R15
Thread wear: 400
Speed Rating: 88V
Dot date: 1911 ( ~May 2011)

Update: Surprisingly after the first 1000km break-in period, the tyre becomes even more quiet. Feel so much much more nimble too...


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