Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singapore Random Shots

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top Grade Bird Nest at Affordable Price

Retail Price:
S$425.00 / 100g (~12-14 pieces)
S$160.00 / tael (两)

Notes: 100g = 2.6455 tael

Click on picture to see high resolution.

Click on picture to see high resolution.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just another management meeting...

Just back from dept meeting with lots of good thing promised from top, would it be just another feel good meeting or things will turn out good for everybody....

The only thing interest me is the motivation part, got promotion?
If yes, when? this is a big question mark...

Monday, January 17, 2011

so bloody sick

Sick for so many days and not recover yet. My tongue can't taste properly after eating so many med. What kind of virus is this???

testing of email blogging


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new shoe...again.

Attracted by this shoe cross-bred between casual upper and sporting sole th eother day walking around Jurong Point, the biggest SC at the west side of Singapore. Been wanted a grey shoe too.

The soe wear comfortably with its upper leather and its said hand-made....well it can tells from the uneven stitching.
The Sole resemble Nike free sole...see pics.
S$89.90 for this one...Bettle Bug

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Opening unreceived item case after 45 days with eBay

Last dates, if you don't get the item you won or in the condition as advertised:

* 03 days after the estimated delivery date or 07 days after payment date (if you weren't given an estimated delivery date): First date to file with eBay, and have not heard from your seller. Consider pulling seller's ID info and phoning him/her if emails remain unanswered.

* 07 days after payment: Seller can lose PayPal Seller Protection if item not shipped by this date.

* 20 days after payment: Seller can lose PayPal privileges if widget not sent by this date

* 30 days after payment: last date for seller to ship without violating FTC rules. (If no earlier date was specified in the auction, and no Delay Option notice was approved by buyer)

* 45 days after payment: last date for buyer to file a Dispute with PayPal, through the PayPal Resolution Center (to get a refund, the Dispute must be escalated to a Claim within 20 days). (Note: if you file with PayPal, you cannot file with eBay, and vice-versa)

* 45 days after payment: last date for buyer to file a Case with eBay. (The seller has 7 days from the time you open the case to reply. You should receive a refund within 3 days of the seller promising a refund or within 10 days of the seller receiving the returned item. If you haven't received a refund by then, contact eBay through the eBay Resolution Center or the eBay Contact us link.

* 60 days after Credit Card invoice: May be last date for buyer to file a chargeback with CC company (although some CC companies allow 90 days) (Note: If you file a CC Chargeback, that will invalidate any PayPal or eBay claim process)

* 6 months after purchase: last date to file a Mail Fraud Complaint (this may not get your money refunded)



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