Monday, January 18, 2010

Altis 2005 Front shock absorber change

Sending the car for pre-trip inspection but later found that the front shock absorber was leaking with oil stain observed at the strut. Which later I found out not a severe...

Change a new set: price below
Tokico front shock absorber (Made In Thailand) $350 per pair!!! DIMF...GSC
Labour $60
GST $28.70
Total $438.70

Later found out was "carrot chop" by this workshop at Northlink GSC auto.
This will be my last and only visit to the shop. Damn you...GSC auto.
Other workshop using KYB made in Japan shock are much cheaper even with labour.

Other shop quated me:
Riverview AMK : KYB( MIJ) $270 incl. labour
Hanip : KYB (MIJ) $350 incl. labour
AG auto : KYB (MIJ) 335 incl labour
Autosaver : Toyota Original (suspect Tokico too) $250 + $60 labour

REAR only.
AikH: KYB MIJ Excel-G $95/pc
Conld: Original $57/pc, likely Siam KYB
Yuen T: KYB MIJ Excel-G $98/pcPublish Post


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