Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Wing...after 3 wears.

So here are the pictures of the shoes condition after 3 torturing wear.
The sole is is soft and wear out easily.

The size view, front is already lifted....indeed the real thing.
The Wings

Close-up view to the strong stitching and workmanship.
Zig-zag and double stitching...
The Moc...




And finally the result...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breaking-in the Red Wing.

My first day wearing it, first impressions is the sole is quick hard, and the shoes is quite heavy.
But at the end of the day, felt that the sole is not that hard already. And the front sole seem to be ip-lifted a bit, some of the forummer said that as you wear it, the front part will be lifted further,
thats the signature of Red Wing, it becoming more and more chio as its seasons.

The break-in process is not that hard as compare to my previous Dr.Martens.

Pictures taken with Levis 501, they seem were made to be together. This shoes is perfect match for jeans and Khaki.

So must wear again tomorrow....keep it up, my poor feets.


Had always wanted a basic square G-shock, the best G to fit the bill is of course the 5600 model.
The thin design and small design suited my 6" wrist perfectly.

This is a no nonsense G, just a great watch with toughness, chioness, syiokness & 100% usefulness.

Some history of Red Wing

1905年查而斯贝克与14位成员一起创立了Red Wing公司,当时的创立点是在美国明尼苏达洲的Red Wing镇是由印第安苏族部落酋长合名的,而查而斯便以Red Wing作为公司品牌名称确保了Red Wing靴子的品质,在机能性,款式实际很独到,经过103年的时间考验证明Red Wing 的靴子是绝对足以名列经典的好鞋。作为Hunting Boots的王者诞生以来,就受到了各界名人的追捧,贵到美国总统,吉他之神Eric Clapton,日剧天王木村拓哉,Puffy组合都是Red Wing的爱用者,Red Wing在日本的成功是爆发性的,这可能也跟日本牛仔裤文化有着极大的关系,Red Wing配复古牛仔裤那是绝配.Red Wing的穿着性也是极佳的.他让穿上他的人享受无与伦比的舒适性和美观性,它独创的goodyear制法的胶底,磨损后可以无数次的加以更换,因此有人是为了一生受用而买下它的。

Red Wing Shoe Company一个将近100年历史的美国耐用鞋制造商,所出产品一直以高质量与耐用性著称。追溯......
明尼苏达州坐落于美国中西部蜿蜒流动的密西西比河旁,亦系RED WING公司总部所在。明尼苏达州,原为印第安族天下,由一名为WAKUTA RED WING的苏族大酋长所统治。在白种人来此开发后,印地安文化逐渐消失。后来的人们为了保持他们独有的文化而在当地设了一个名为RED WING的街道。1905年,RED WING公司的始创者harles Beckman率领着14个成员在这条叫RED WING的街道创建了第一家鞋工厂,并以街道来命名:Red Wing Shoe Company!创业当时仅系一个日产鞋量150对的小规模厂家。1919年到1925年间,RED WING所陆续推出的几款长统靴以及可佩带小刀的小短靴,都十分受到消费大众的喜爱。从此RED WING在美国成为了家喻户晓的知名品牌。经典......
1952年,知名的Irish Setter猎装鞋诞生了!由于这对鞋是以工作鞋样式底所改良而成的,因此结合了原有鞋款的优越活动性能优势及猎装靴独特的造型推出之后,马上成为了RED WING最有人气的鞋款,再加上兼具休闲味的外型设计,使其强大的人气优势至今都居高不下。一直到现在,这款猎装靴仍保有它独特的魅力,不仅为一般消费大众所喜爱,连美国历任总统也都是它的最佳拥护者!升华......
1980年美国RED WING开始和日本合作,发展亚洲生活化系列,而日本与美国合作后,开始在日本引起注意甚至大红,并且红遍全国,更引来无数明星以至教父级人马追捧,更将其推至潮流巅峰,成为家喻户晓的超人气商品。

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Red Wing 875...finally.

Been sometimes didn;t update anything here was due to nothing worth keeping record of. But today I got something worth just that much to keep a post.

Was loitering around and walked from Bugis Bencoolen St to Orchard, bought a classic G-Shock DW-5600E at Bencoolen since the Rastafarian 5600 with 3 color bands was unavailable anymore...

And while walking to Somerset MRT, a gravitationally 12% discount sign for Red Wing was magically attracted to my eyes when I walked pass Famous Footwear store, so by the moment I walk into the store "the devil" that long surpress break out from hell. And finally...I got myself a Red Wing (the so called the King of Boots) after so many years its stay in my wishlists.

With 12% discount of the regular retail price of $388, so its now becoming so tempted at $341.44 even cheaper than the boutique which give only 10% discount provided only pay by Nets....cheh...and have to wait till further 7 further notice till their new stock arrive....

The uncle and the sales assistant there were friendly enough to make you so comfortably trying boots and chatting to them, they told me that this 12% off thingy is something never happened before and I probably won't see it again in future...Well...we'll see....

So here are some of pic for sharing...enjoy.

Tried both 9D and 9E, found that 9E was more comfortable with more feet room for movement.
Was the 02/08 denotes produced in Feb 2008???
9E is one size smaller than my usuall Size10 in sports shoe.
Nevertheless, its still have plenty of room in front my toes.
Waxes highly recommended by the uncle at the store. Was told that this kind of special wax only avalable here the whole Singapore, and it is the best shoe oil available, even better than the "big tree" brand and the wing brand. But I find that it smell like coconut oil.


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