Friday, November 28, 2008

What Montague Hummer bike can do...

Nuff said...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Dimensions

Max. Size Unfolded : 145 x 107 x 38
Folded Size : 104 x 71 x 31
Folded Size (front wheel removed) : 91 x 71 x 31
Folded Size (front wheel & seat removed) : 91 x 56 x 31
Shipping Carton Dimensions : 94 x 79 x 31
Weight – Bike Only : 13.15 kg
Compressing/Stretching Time : under 30 seconds
Max Rider Weight : 104.3 kg
Rider Max. Height : 198 cm

The allowable folded bicycle size to board SMRT: 114 x 64 x 36cm

Bike Frame Geometry

The geometry of a bicycle frame is determined by the lengths of the various tubes (seat tube, top tube, head tube etc.) and the angles at which they are joined.
According to Paul Hillbrick, the critical aspects of frame geometry in relation to the fit of a bike are the seat tube angle, the head tube angle, the top tube length and the standover height (which will depend on the seat tube length, whether the top tube is horizontal or sloping and the height of the bottom bracket.)
Look up the geometry of a bike on a manufacturer's website and you should find measurements for each of these aspects. Often others will be included as well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to Determine the Correct Frame Size for a Bike

Step1: Measure your inseam. This is best done barefoot. Stand against the wall and put a book between you legs so it pressed right up against your pelvic bone. Make a mark with a pencil on the wall along the top of the book. Measure the distance from the floor to the mark in centimeters.

Step2: Use your inseam measurement to get a rough idea of your road bike size. Multiply your inseam by .65. This will give you a good estimate of you road bike size for bikes measured center to center. Thus if your inseam is 86 cm, you will fit a 56cm road bike (86 x .65 = 55.9). Note that many road bikes are measured center to top. To determine how to fit these bikes, multiply your inseam by .67.

Step3: Subtract an additional 10cm and convert this measurement to inches to get your mountain bike frame size, roughly. Thus, if you fit a 56cm road bike (c-c), you will fit a 46cm - or an 18" - mountain bike.

Step4: Consider top tube length. In many ways, this is the most important aspect of sizing a bike. Two 18" mountain bikes may have different length top tubes. Or a 54cm and an 56cm road bike may have the same length top tube. Given the same top tube length, the bigger bike may be more comfortable in that it will allow you to get the bars up a bit higher.

Step5: Know that women have longer legs and shorter top tubes than men. Unfortunately, most bikes are designed for men, and women often have a hard time finding a bike that will fit them well. Luckily, some manufacturers have begun to make women-specific models.

Step6:Test ride some bikes once you have gotten a rough idea of what will fit you. This will help you determine what is most comfortable for you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Montague Singapore Distri...

Here comes the poison, L.
And a good news for you, I just saw the official Singapore distributor on Montague website... Looking at it, don't think it would be cheap...

and here the sandbeige paratrooper, this one only seen at taiwan website....

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Brand New Nike Sweet Classic AP (White/Cherry Red)

This is my 2nd Nike in 2 months since the one that I bought from HK in Oct...

Anyway, like the classic look & old school with a little bit style of world well known Converse classic. Nike even add in Sweet to it, hope it would not draw the attention of ants.

The feeling of wearing it flashed me back to primary school time when we were wearing Pallas school shoe that comes with a string of blue line cutting across the shoe base and having the flat sole. Instead of canvas, this comes in leather...

Need some times to break in...this one is for CNY09 (have to find a good reason for this purchase). This was poisoned solely by L....(Damn it...I must control myself better next time.) while he is sourcing for his new working shoe, a Nike AirForce-1 which I think as the name implied would help him getting from his desk to "SOS" desk in split second. And maybe its comes equiped with guided missile and fly him away from batam even before the missile hit "SOS"'s little golf balls.

Here is my Sweet Classic AP White with just enough cherry red as icing on the cake....
sweet baby sweet....yeah....
and some real life pic to goes by here...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

St. Bernard

This is the first real life St Bernard that i saw...indeed very BIG size.
Looks cool when walking ard with him, i bet you would draw a lot attention when walking besides this St.

But when you look closely at him, I think he is suffering living in Singapore weather.

This full grown German Shepherd looks like puppy when compare to St.

Real Life GTR

Spotted a New Nissan GT-R 35 next to my block, just wondering is there a millionaire stay next door... no wonder i always hear roaring from my house, must be coming from this beast...

Hell, this car is the beast of car, the bonnet just too muscular but beautiful, the whole body is just damn attractive. The driver must be the luckiest guy in the world.

some video to go by...

Saturday, November 1, 2008


A pinguecula (pin gwe' cue la) is a benign, yellowish growth that forms on the conjunctiva. They usually grow near the cornea on the nasal side. Pingueculae (plural form of pinguecula) are thought to be caused by ultraviolet light and are most common among people who spend a great deal of time outdoors.
This growth does not affect vision, but may cause irritation if it becomes elevated. In rare cases, the pinguecula may gradually extend over the cornea, forming a pterygium.
Signs and Symptoms
Pingueculae are harmless growths and rarely cause symptoms.
Yellowish, raised area on the conjunctiva
Irritation and scratchiness
Dry eye
Occasional inflammation of the conjunctiva
Redness if the area becomes irritated
Detection and Diagnosis
Pingueculae can often be seen with the naked eye; however, the doctor diagnoses the growth with a careful examination with a slit lamp microscope.
Because of their benign nature, pingueculae rarely require treatment. Occasionally, the growth may become inflamed, causing irritation and dryness. The doctor may prescribe artificial tears for lubrication and mild anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling.

Jimmy: The Samoyed

The Samoyed is a medium sized spitz breed, showing the typical characteristics of upright ears, fox like face and a tail curling up over its back. They are generally square in shape with a broad, strong back, well boned muscular legs, deep chest and a strong, proudly arched neck. The head is powerful and wedge shaped with a broad flat skull, strong tapered muzzle, almond shaped brown eyes and upright, medium sized ears. Their coat is double layered with a thick, close, soft and short undercoat and a harsh, weather resistant topcoat. Colours are pure white, white / biscuit and cream.

This is our dog named Jimmy...left us for many years already.
a good watchdog, stable and friendly to kids...


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