Friday, October 31, 2008

Battery guides

MDs Lithium-Ion>Incandecent guide, +compatability/comparison chart

MDs Rechargeable Compatibility chart/guide for popular flashlights!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ST Eng chart study

ST Eng monthly chart view since Jan 1998, various divergence and convergence can be seen except the latest week whereby the convergence have yet to form.
the blue convergence was from the weekly chart below.
Convergence line are clearly see in weekly chart rather than monthly.
Daily chart also share the same convergence as weekly. But the best chart have not form in ST yet, maybe for the next couple of weeks/months then it will form a clearer convergence.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Triangle symbol on the bottom with a number inside.

1) Polyethylene terephalate (PET)
2) High density polyethylene (HDPE)
3) Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) or Plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PPVC)
4) Low density polyethylene LDPE
5) Polypropylene (PP)
6) Polystyrene (PS) or Expandable polystyrene (EPS)
7) Other, including nylon and acrylic
What you aren't told is that many of the plastics used are toxic and
the chemicals used to create a plastic can leach out of the plastic
and into the food / drink.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Military Bicycles...edit

Spot some Military Bicyle in Singapore website, they are equally rugged... cool....

this link is to poison you...hehehe....

New infor

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bike light wrapper...

This simple yet secure handle bar silicon bike wrapper... that hardwarezone guy selling S$7 a piece.

and also check out the comparison of normal bike light...

My lights...

2 of my lights, Fenix L0D & Ultrafire C2.

1. Fenix L0D uses 1xAAA battery. And it has the diameter of AA battery but a little longer. Has 5 outputs type: 25 Lumens (3.5hrs) -> 9 Lumens (8.5hrs) -> 75 Lumens (1hrs) -> Strobe -> SOS.
This light is insanely bright for its size, it beat Maglite hands down, even the 3D batteries Maglit not its rival, of course except beating up peoples head.

2. Ultrafire C2 uses 2xCR123 batterry also has 5 Mode Clicky Switch: Mid > Low > High > Fast Strobe > Slow Strobe
This one was bought from DealExtreme, do not have details infor about the lumen output but it is definitely brighter than L0D in every setting, but its not an fair comparison as this using 2 CR123 batt.

see the comparison pics below...
AAA, AA, L0D and Ultrafire C2

L0D compare to AA batt

Thursday, October 2, 2008

HK 3/4days 2008

Just came back from HK on 1st Oct 2008 midnight, what a tired and buy days in HK.

Was monitoring the weather there last few days before departure, and was quite a worry that Typhoon Jangmi would strike HK, but fortunately for me that its divert its path to Taiwan (pity those residents there).

Took the 8.30 flight to HK and reach there ard 12noon, took their airport express train to Kowloon MTR and board their free shuttle bus to Hotel Prudential. This hotel is located along Nathan Road, the hotel room is well organised with all the necessaries in place, clean, tidy and big enuff for 2 or 3 adults. Their double seem to be larger than the king size in my house???

Very satified with their mattress, very comfortable, soft but supportive. Highly recommended...
Rest and head to Nathan street for window shopping, the street to my opinion is not as clean as this tiny city here but they their sales promoters are definitely better if not good, they tend to give their opinion or suggestion on what fit you...which are most welcome.

First day finish with visiting the Symphony of Lights at TST Avenue of Stars.
2nd day was at HK Disneyland the whole day, nothing much to say about this except one of their attraction which scare my kid till cry I almost cry too, it was Space Mountain...heck its too scary for kid.
The 3rd day was going to Lantau Island to see the Giant Buddha. The scence from the cable was magnificent. Then we head to city and going to the Peak to see HK night view from The Peak.

Last day was spending by shopping ard Ladies market and Sport wear stree. Bought a Nike Air Zoom LX 3+ AP Trainer for myself and my dad got himself a Timberland DL24 Trainer Low. Two of them cost only HK$618, a very good price.... nike cost HK339 (SGD63) and Timberland cost HK279 (SGD51).

The Cathay that took us to Hong Kong.

HK airport transit train to arrival hall

HK island skyline from Avenue of Star

Disneyland Entrance
Disneyland's Fantasyland Castle

this year Halloween theme

Ngong Ping 360 Cable car
The Giant Buddha of Lantau Island

HK skyline from The Peak Stinky that stinky afterall...delicious
Bustling Mongkok Ladies Street, it was their National Day, 1st Oct.

Handicaped street performer

Hong Kong style construction structure, they use bamboo stick rather than steel bar.

My new Nike since many years back...this Air Zoom LX Trainer 3+ AP cost HKD339 (SGD62).
Value for money!!!


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